kadileatricpowerprinciplemilwaukeeoffice4On May 26, 2012 after the passing of his beloved wife, Genia, Eleazar Kadile MD knew he had to fulll the dream they both created together. Their dream was to open a second KadileAtric Power Principal® clinic in Milwaukee, WI.  The dream Dr. Kadile and Genia shared, was to offer a safe, gentle and natural treatment for those who suffer from the disease of obesity.   The treatment included providing natural ways to help feel energized, alive and healthy again – without surgery or exercise, endless doctor visits and excess financial expenses.

1983: The Center for Integrative Medicine, featuring the KadileAtric Power Principal® opened in Green Bay.  Dr. Kadile and his devoted staff have helped hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds. Dr. Kadile’s patients call him the “Dr. House of Weight Loss” and the “No Nonsense MD.” Dr. Kadile knew he was helping those who needed it most and knew he could do more.

November 26, 2012:  Dr. Kadile released his first book, STOP DYING FAT: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity, advocating that obesity must be treated like any other life threatening disease; immediately and aggressively. “An encouraging book for readers desperate to live free from obesity.” – Kirkus Reviews

May 2, 2013: The KadileAtric Power Principal® Milwaukee Office opened. It is a great accomplishment that Dr. Kadile can now offer the same safe, natural treatment for those who need to lose weight and reclaim their life in the Milwaukee area. Dr. Kadile and the dedicated Kadile staff know Genia would be proud.kadileatricpowerprinciplemilwaukeeoffice1

Whether vising the Green Bay or Milwaukee office, all patients receive an individualized, medically supervised plan that reduces hunger, targets those troublesome fat-storage areas, rapidly burns the right fat, and resets the metabolism so they can lose excess weight and keep it off.

For more information about Dr. Eleazar Kadile’s book, STOP DYING FAT: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity, CLICK HERE NOW.

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To contact the Milwaukee Office, located at 125 N Executive Drive Suite 206, Brookfield, WI 53005-6070, simply call 855-515-LOSE (5673).