The Center for Disease Control reports that more than one third of adults in America suffer from obesity. And it’s something that companies and doctors have noticed. Just turn on the TV or open a magazine. Every day we are bombarded with ways to lose the weight. We’re preyed upon to take the latest pill or sip on the newest potion or try the most recent gadget. However, none of these methods address the disease itself; they merely treat one symptom of obesity: the weight. It’s here where I differ from many of my colleagues — my peers have even called me contrarian about my methods. Unlike many medical professionals out there, instead of prescribing pills that a great one aspect of your obesity, and ignoring the fact that these pills could be creating adverse conditions that will prevent you from losing the weight, I seek out the underlying conditions that contribute to your obesity.

It’s why I’ve spent the last twenty-five helping patients find the best treatment for their bodies. By figuring out how your body is working well and how it could work better, we can treat the factors that play a part — food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, problems with the thyroid or adrenal gland, reactions to medications. This diagnosis combined with my four-part KadileAtric Power Principle will aggressively and quickly help you to start dropping the pounds.

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