As colder temperatures arrive, the desire to eat comfort foods increase. Meat and potatoes or cream-based soups just make you feel warmer, cozier. It’s an understanding temptation, but one that could derail your weight loss goals. Not only are these comfort foods laden with calories, many times they contain common allergen ingredients. However, many people don’t know they have intolerances to many every day cooking components.

Gluten, dairy, and nightshade vegetables all cause numerous people discomfort, without them realizing it. In fact, they could be interfering with your weight loss tactics. Dairy can cause you to feel congested when you’re not, perhaps leading you to take antihistamines that can negatively interact with your body. Gluten causes digestive tract issues if you have an intolerance, making you feel lethargic and just plain-old bad. Nightshade vegetables include tomato and eggplant, which can be the source of many indigestion problems. Right there, dishes like meat loaf, pasta, creamy soups can not only have a hefty calorie count but also a detrimental reaction within your own body.

However, if you are unaware of how your body reacts to these common allergens, than you’ll keep reaching for over-the-counter or prescribed solutions—even if those so-called solutions are actually harming you. That’s why I believe it’s so important to understand how your body works and what systems in your body aren’t performing optimally. I seek out the why behind the reasons you’re having trouble losing the weight than treating the symptoms. And I can also recommend some great alternative recipes that will still give you the comfort you seek during the cooler months without putting extra stress on your body and its systems — like this creamy portobello soup recipe, just substitute the butter and the flour for dairy free and gluten free alternatives!

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