I like to think that if I hadn’t become a doctor, I would have become a detective. I investigate the physiological, psychological, social, and environmental causes that play a factor in your obesity. I search out clues about why you can’t lose the weight. What isn’t working optimally or imbalanced within your body? I’ll ask you questions about your stress levels, your life at home, your work environment. Paired with the results from your blood, stool, hair, urine, and saliva tests, we’ll be able to determine the best course of treatment for your body and your obesity can be determined.

I want to discover how your body impedes you from losing weight. Is it that an undiagnosed food allergy or a vitamin deficiency? Is it a hormonal imbalance in your thyroid or adrenal glands? Is it something in your environment? Are there toxic metals or chemicals that have worked their way into your body from an unknown source? Could your medications be interfering with your weight loss goals?

Oftentimes these complex and related medical and environmental conditions not only prevent patients from losing weight but actually cause weight gain. Yet, doctors still manage to not see how the treatment of one disease through prescription pills, say high cholesterol, can, in effect, create another disease: obesity.

I know you have tried everything under the sun to try to end their obesity. You eat well and exercise, but something keeps you from shedding those pounds. I want to be the person to find out what it is, to examine all the clues and find the guilty party.

Let me crack the mystery of your body and provide you with the plan to beating obesity. To get started, register and receive a copy of Stop Dying Fat: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity.