“Dr. Kadile looked at me and said things about my health that he could not possibly know. I didn’t fill out a questionnaire or anything like that,” says Rich Johnson. “My wife loved the fact that he could tell right away that I had serious thyroid problems.” Johnson lost 160 pounds using the KadileAtric Power Principle (KPP) method. With KPP, I create a personalized weight-loss plan that fits the patient’s ailments and melds traditional and alternative medicine to find a regimen that will quickly and aggressively help you lose the pounds and beat obesity.

And my KPP method comes from a very personal place. After I graduated from the Cebu Institute of Medicine in Cebu City, Philippines, I moved to the United States so I could train in the traditional, Western medicine that I received my degree. I interned at St. Michael’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Mental Health Institute in Independence, Iowa, and Buffalo State Hospital in Buffalo.

But when my nine-year-old son, Kristian, was diagnosed with systematic lupus, an autoimmune disease, I noticed how the traditional medications weren’t helping. To treat Kristian’s disease, doctors prescribed high doses of medicine, but I saw the negative effects these drugs had on my son. I wanted to find a way to help him, and it was this search that led me to alternative and holistic medicine. And it worked. Through alternate medicine, Kristian was able to resume his education and get back to living his life. After seeing these positive results, I started to shift my practices to include this new approach. Unfortunately, Kristian suffered a severe adverse reaction to medication he received during his kidney transplant and passed away at 22.

When my daughter was also diagnosed with lupus, I knew we had to start using alternative medicine much sooner. And it was this this combination of traditional and alternate medicine that has let her live a healthy and productive life.

I was able to explore new alternative health approaches with my father, too. He was on the verge of having his leg amputated, and the prescribed course of action from a Western doctor wasn’t having the results we had hoped for. I stepped in and suggested chelation, an intravenous procedure that removes toxic metals from the body. It worked, and my father lived to be 100 years old — with both his legs.

As I continued to see the successes that I had found by melding alternate and traditional medicines, I knew I had to use it to help others. I’ve become one of the pioneers in bariatrics (weight-loss medicine) and created a comprehensive, individualized program to help my patients lose excess weight. I never want to be a doctor who just dispenses drugs that aren’t working long term. Instead, I want to find a weight-loss strategy that helps my patients lose weight and keep it off, which I’ve been able to do by treating the underlying factors that create a cause and effect with the patient’s obesity, rather than just lumping all the symptoms under the obesity diagnosis.

My patients continued to triumph over their obesity through my treatment plans, and it was how the KadileAtric Power Principle was born. Through this method, my patients have lost hundreds of pounds, as well as found ways to control high cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint pain, and lower their risks of diabetes and heart disease.

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