About Dr. Kadile

The Battle to End Obesity

About Dr. Kadile

The Battle to End Obesity


Dr. Kadile is a complementary/alternative physician whose patients are the hard-to-lose obese with related medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, and psychiatric problems such as depression or ADHD.

Dr. Kadile studied traditional medicine at the Cebu Institute of Medicine in the Philippines. After practicing traditional medicine at the beginning of his career, he moved into alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine to help save the lives of his children and father. Dr. Kadile had more success by integrating alternative medicines than he did with traditional western medicine alone, and it forever changed the way he treated his patients.

He was one of the pioneers in bariatric medicine in the United States. He noticed the vicious cycle of diet programs and prescriptions that led those trying to lose weight to failure over and over again, and he began to seek out a system that will work for the long term. He has spent the last 25 years quietly developing what is arguably the greatest breakthrough in the battle against obesity – getting phenomenal results with hundreds of patients.

Proud Member of Mutltiple Organizations

  • Association of American Physicians & Surgeons
  • Wisconsin Medical Society
  • American College for Advancement In Medicine
  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine
  • International College of Integrative Medicine
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Mediciine

A Proven System That Works

Listen to stories from real people.

"I love to talk with others about how I’ve succeeded with the KadileAtric Power Principle. I tell them that the time and effort I put into it was so worthwhile.”

– Nancy Goham

“When I started with Dr. Kadile, I was expecting to lose weight, but what I hadn’t expected was to lose my fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and other chronic health problems.”

- Jalaine Huerth


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