woman sitting at a coffee table
Sweater Weather
As colder temperatures arrive, the desire to eat comfort foods increase. Meat and potatoes or cream-based soups just make you
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woman with measuring tape wrapped around her waist and hips
We Can Stop America’s Obesity Problem
The Center for Disease Control reports that more than one third of adults in America suffer from obesity. And it’s
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Doctor Kadile
My Journey to Alternate Medicine
“Dr. Kadile looked at me and said things about my health that he could not possibly know. I didn’t fill
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heart shaped bowl of fruit
Nature’s Dessert
We all know refined and processed sugar is not a healthy option but, man, is it addictive. Breaking the habit
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Healthy Heart, Healthy Self
So often, what motivates us to lose weight is external: how people look at us, how clothing looks on us,
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