Answered by Dr. Kadile.


Answered by Dr. Kadile.

Why will this program work for me when so many others didn’t?

Yes. Because we identify and treat the hidden medical problems that cause your obesity. Very few, if any, programs do this. For once, you’ll enjoy easy weight loss, no matter how hard it may have been before. The KadileAtric Power Principle® formerly known as The Green Bay System has worked for hundreds of our patients. It can work for you, too.

How do I know the KadileAtric Power Principle® is safe?

It’s sad to read so many tragic stories about the health damage caused by powerful diet drugs, botched surgeries, extreme dieting, and liquid diets. The KadileAtric Power Principle® avoids and rejects all these dangerous practices. I’ve been an MD for 44 years, and I’ll be working with you and helping you, one on one, throughout your treatment.

You don’t want me to exercise. But wouldn’t that help me lose weight?

It’s good for you, however, in my experience, and according to expert Eric Ravussin MD PhD LSU Boyd Professor, there is a body of evidence that exercise is counterproductive in weight loss. After vigorous exercise, one becomes ravenously hungry which leads to weight gain.

I talked to my doctor. He’s skeptical of your claims.

Doctors are results-oriented. Once your doctor and others see the results the KadileAtric Power Principle® has a remarkable success rate, including hard-to-lose-weight patients – I’m confident he/she will come on board.

I’m 150 lbs overweight, suffering from high-blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and severe pain in my joints. Can The KadileAtric Power Principle® help me?

You are our favorite kind of patient, because over and over we’ve seen our medically-based approach work wonders with patients in urgent situations just like yours. You can look forward to easy, fast, safe weight loss, and seeing your complications improve or even disappear completely.

Ok, I’m really interested but still not sure if this is the best weight loss program in Green Bay for me. What should I do next?

You should pick up the phone and call for your FREE screening now. This will give you the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about our weight loss program and assist you in making an “informed” decision. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION whatsoever and we promise, NO hard sales pitch. If this program isn’t right for you then we don’t want you to do it! Simply give us a call now at 920-468-9442. One of our trained, helpful staff will answer all your questions and assist you in getting started with one of the best weight loss programs in Green Bay and possibly the United States.

I live a long way from Green Bay. How can I get involved in the KadileAtric Power Principle® program?

This question is becoming more and more frequent so we think we have a solution for you. First of all, we have many people who travel long distances to participate in our weight loss program. Our staff will be happy to help you with directions, lodging, and any other pertinent information. If it is simply impossible for you to travel, we’ve created the Dr. Kadile Wellness Club. This is an online membership that provides you with a great deal of information that you can start implementing right away in order to live a healthier life. In the Dr. Kadile Wellness Club we are going to share some of our best kept secrets for helping you get healthier and to enhance your lifestyle. Quite simply, we want you to “reclaim life!”

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"I love to talk with others about how I’ve succeeded with the KadileAtric Power Principle. I tell them that the time and effort I put into it was so worthwhile.”

– Nancy Goham

“When I started with Dr. Kadile, I was expecting to lose weight, but what I hadn’t expected was to lose my fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and other chronic health problems.”

- Jalaine Huerth


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