Vitamins and minerals occur naturally in many of our foods but these important nutrients face the problem of being “destroyed” before they reach the dining table.

In the average American diet, food quantity is no problem but food quality is.

By the time the food has been picked, processed, packaged, dispatched, delivered and displayed many of the foods we take for granted as a good source of nutrition bear little of their original vitamin and mineral content.

The problem of missing nutrients is more common in canned, pre-formed and pre-packed foods that we find on the supermarket shelf especially with processed meat, fruit and vegetables.

The companies processing the food has made sure that the content of the foods will be wholesome and digestible, however, the main body of the vitamins and minerals originally contained in the plant and animal product have long since departed due to the miracle of extending shelf life through food technology.

Other factors that can be detrimental to food quality include:

  • Forced ripening of fruit with gas which reduces nutritional value. Premature ripening of fruit which cosmetically appear to be mature produce but because it is not fully mature it lacks the fully developed nutritional content.
  • Extended storage reduces nutritional value.
  • Cooking destroys much of the nutritional value of many foods especially vegetables.
  • Our farm soil was declared anemic by the United States Congress way back in 1934. Nothing can grow unless fertilizers are applied.
  • Plants and vegetables are harvested before it has time to ripen.
  • Majority of our plants and vegetables especially grain and soy are Round Up (weed killer) ready.
  • Most animals are farmed in very tight quarters. Freedom to move around is impossible. They wallow in their own feces.
  • They are chronically infected.
  • We are consuming unhealthy meat. They are forced fed and fattened with a variety of fattening hormones and antibiotic hormones.
  • They are butchered prematurely –
    • Chicken and Turkey at 6 weeks old
    • Pigs and Cows at 6 months old or whenever they reach market value.
  • Meat, fish, plants and vegetables as soon as they are killed (harvested) they start decomposing.
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