Dr. Kadile’s Journey to Integrative Medicine

It started with traditional medicine.

Dr. Eleazar Kadile studied traditional medicine in the Philippines then moved to the United States to practice.

When his son was diagnosed with Lupus, Dr. Kadile’s eyes were opened.

He noticed that, not only were traditional medicines not helping his son, Kristian, they were making him feel worse. Dr. Kadile’s search to help Kristian is what lead him to alternative and holistic medicine.

Alternative medicine helped other family members live healthy lives.

When Dr. Kadile’s daughter was diagnosed with Lupus and his father was recommended for leg amputation, alternative medicine helped them both. His daughter continues to live a healthy, normal life and his father kept both of his legs and lived to be 100 years old.

Dr. Kadile realized where traditional weight loss methods were failing.

As a pioneer of bariatric medicine, he has spent over 25 years developing an alternative and holistic system that helps patients lose weight and restores their health.