The most common treatments for allergies are over-the-counter remedies or injections. Allergies are commonly diagnosed by performing a type of skin test. The skin test only reveals what the cause of the allergy is. It does not tell the physician if the patient will even be a good candidate for immunizations.

Therefore, if you’ve been skin tested for allergens and are receiving injections for treatment, you may still be suffering from allergy symptoms. This may be due to the following:

  • allergy shots not being homeopathically balanced with your allergies
  • allergy shots are based on a “one-size-fit-all approach”
  • skin testing being non-specific
  • foods you are eating

Allergy is a GREAT MASQUERADER – At KadileAtric Power Principle® we understand that allergies are not just itchy eyes and itchy nose problems. It can also masquerade as:

  • Fatigue
  • Recurrent Otitis Media
  • Asthma
  • Urticaria
  • Headache
  • Nausea/diarrhea
  • Arthralgia
  • Recurrent Sinusitis


At KadileAtric Power Principle®, our initial work-up for allergies includes an IgE RAST Test. The RAST Test (Radioallergosorbent test) is a blood test for allergies, a quantitative laboratory procedure for detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies responsible for reagen-mediated allergic disease.

This is a very important first step in the allergy work-up:

  1. To determine if a patient has IgE type allergy or the non-IgE type allergy. In our long years of clinical experience, the IgE type responds well to allergy shots or sublingual allergy drops. If your type is non-IgE, in our clinical experience, allergy shots or sublingual allergy drops usually do not work. Knowing your type saves you a lot of pain, suffering and money.
  2. Knowing in advance your total IgE, our doctor can reduce or prevent a surprise risk of anaphylactic reaction.
  3. Children friendly – they don’t have to be “poked” or “scratch” repeatedly.
  4. Anti-histamine dmgs don’t have to be stopped. Not like skin testing where the results are affected by anti-histamines.
  5. The procedure is quick; one blood draw versus the long painful skin-testing procedure.
  6. It helps the doctor to selectively narrow down all the allergens to test. It shortens the exploratory time, if allergy-skin testing becomes necessary.


The skin testing method we apply is serial dilution skin-end point titration. This technique consists of a series of intracutaneous injections involving a progressive five­ fold dilution of allergens.

When a sequence of the five-fold dilutions of an allergen is injected, the first, weaker dilution that produces a negative skin response and/or stops the symptoms becomes the starting dose for sublingual immunotherapy.

By this method, the treatment dose allergen is specifically customized to the patient’s skin response as well as their symptom response during testing. Simply put, your body will tell us the safe, effective dose for your allergy treatment.

This will significantly reduce the common allergic reaction often experienced after one receives allergy shots……”each time I have an allergy shot, I’m worse.”

Immunotherapy either “shots” or “drops under the tongue” consist of the maximum tolerated dilution of an allergy extract, confirmed by intradermal skin test.


At KadileAtric Power Principle®, it has been our clinical experience that foods are major contributing factors underlying many uncontrolled allergies and many other vague disorders that afflict man.

Breneman, M.D.; Diplomate, American Board of Allergy and Immunology, states…..”food allergies has replaced syphilis as “The great imitator”. Food Allergies or intolerance mimic symptoms of almost any disease. It is now estimated that 60% of human illness involves food intolerance.” (13)

You are reading this because you are obviously exploring the world wide web for answers. You may be disappointed because the many health care providers you’ve seen are baffled by your confusing symptoms, prolong complaints, or repeated testing with negative results and many attempts at treatment resulting in a poor outcome.

Don’t take me wrong….food allergy is not the cause of all disease. Food allergies might be the cause or aggravation of your allergic symptoms. Often enough we do find it to be the cause.

The detection process we use to uncover the foods that are the hidden cause of your symptoms is amazingly simple.

Call or email KadileAtric Power Principle® for a consultation and evaluation appointment which may possibly uncover the hidden food allergies you may have.


While SLIT is widely used in many European countries, its use in the U.S. is investigational. SLIT is not an approved therapy by the FDA. KadileAtric Power Principle® believes that this is a viable treatment option.

The following information addresses SLIT and is taken from Proceedings of the First Annual Sublingual Immunotherapy Global Summit; Newsletter 4 – Practical Aspects of SLIT for Potential Use in the United States; 2007; The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and SRxA Institute for Professional Education.

  • Efficacy – there is a considerable body of published literature describing the use of SLIT in adults with allergic rhinitis and/or asthma and a growing number of studies in pediatrics. The majority of the reported studies show SLIT to be effective treatment for patients with perennial allergic rhinitis and/or mild-to-moderate asthma. One published report has suggested that long-term high-dose SLIT treatment may provide significant clinical benefit to patients with hay fever resistant to conventional pharmacotherapy.
  • Safety – Low risks of adverse reaction is associated with SLIT over SCIT (shots). A review of 25 published double-blind, placebo controlled studies evaluated the safety of SLIT over SCIT. The reported side effects from SLIT were mild and never life threatening. These data support other published reports citing the low risk of serious adverse events with SLIT compared to SCIT.
  • Convenience – The use of SCIT is largely restricted to specialists, and the usual protocol requires the patient to report to a physician’s office in order to receive treatment. After receiving the injection, the patient must remain under observation in the office for an extra 30 minutes to minimize the potential consequences of a serious systemic adverse event (i.g., anaphylaxis).
    The drawbacks of SCIT (shots) include the “inconvenience factor” related to having to rep01i to the doctor’s office for treatment and then having to remain in the office for observational period. For many patient this is a matter of scheduling time and interference with other activities. SLIT is simple, self administered, and at your schedule.
  • Cost – SLIT obviously is cheaper than SCIT. SCIT costs include weekly doctors visits, administration and service charges.

Call or e-mail KadileAtric Power Principle® to schedule a consultation and evaluation to answer any questions you may have on allergies, diagnosis and treatment options that are right for you.

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Cheryl C.
When I made my first appointment with Dr. Kadile it was out of desperation because despite being uder Drs. care, I felt very sick.

I was on medication, but I still had heartburn and indigestion most of the past 5 years. In addition, I would have violent episodes of pain and vomiting. I also had continuous and quite severe back pain. I lacked energy, didn’t sleep well and had episodes of depression.

Dr. Kadile checked me for food allergies and discovered that I had numerous allergies especially food that was making me so ill. With diet modifications, enzymes, and allergy drops, I’ve made a big improvement. I’m so thankful to find the cause of my distress and pam.

He also discovered my thyroid was low. Since being on thyroid medication, I’ve lost weight, have more energy and I sleep better. My back is also improving.

I’m in the health field and thought I was knowledgeable, but there was a lot I didn’t lmow.

I’m very thankful to Dr. Kadile for helping me. I’m sure he saved my life!!

Tammy H.
Dr. Kadile & Staff:

I am writing to thank you for your sincere help and treatment that I experienced from your office. Also, to share my story with others and hope it may help them in some way.

For a number of months I had been experiencing very discomfmiing symptoms such as stomach upset, bloating, nausea, fatigue, headaches, shminess of breath, loss of appetite, etc. I had treated with my regulm family doctor along with several other doctor’s opinions who told me that these symptoms were simply related to stress and my diet. I was 20 years old and my weight was not a concern so I refused to accept their diagnosis. They put me on antibiotics and instructions for exercise which did not help at all. A good friend of mine told me about your staff and how they helped her with some food allergies so I made an appointment and let me tell you, that was the best decision I had ever made, medically.

I went through all the allergy testing and was told that I had minor allergies, dust and pollens, but most of all I was allergic to Candida. I had never heard of this before but after reading up on it I now understand my allergy and lmow how to better treat it. I was put on a strict diet along with many vitamins/natural supplements and Nystatin Powder which helped tremendously!!! I was like a whole new person and so happy that I found out about your clinic. It makes so much sense to prescribe natural ingredients instead of
so many toxin antibiotics that the other doctors put me on which only made my condition worse. I was very afraid before going to your office, that I had a serious illness as I felt terrible every day for months and was not getting any answers.

Since that I have refe1Ted your staff to many of my friends and acquaintances. Who would have ever thought that my problem was due to an allergy??? I sure didn’t, but it all makes sense to me now. In my opinion, Dr. Kadile looks to treat the cause of your problems, not to just prescribe you a drng to treat the symptom and hope it goes away. Not to mention that I spent several hundreds of dollars on these doctors who had no answer for me. I feel that I pretty much threw that money right out the window. It was so unfo1iunate that my health insurance plan did not cover my treatment/care as you were able to help me when the other doctor’s weren’t. That was very frustrating to me.

I would strongly recommend your clinic and care to anyone who is experiencing medical problems where treatment with their regular doctor is not helping them any. Your staff was always so kind and friendly to me and I really do appreciate that. I continue to followup with Dr. Kadile at least once a year.

Once again, thank you for all you have done in the past and continue to do so. You trnly are a Godsend!!!

Hope F.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who seemed to be healthy. She smiled a lot and was a happy girl. But, if you looked closely at her, you could see dark, baggy circles under her eyes. She breathed through her mouth all the time, because her nose was blocked. This little girl had earaches often. Over the years, the doctor and emergency room were visited several times.

When she had an infection in her foot, the emergency room doctor prescribed an antibiotic for her. She was allergic to it. Another time, she became ill at summer camp. She went to the emergency room, was given an antibiotic, and was allergic to that one also. Eventually, she learned that she was allergic to at least five different antibiotics.

About the time this little girl became a teenager, she started having side aches. The doctor could find no reason for them. She even spent the night in the hospital once, trying to find out what was wrong. They couldn’t find anything.

She also had hayfever. Every spring and fall, she sneezed and was stuffy and miserable. She was also te11’ibly allergic to cats. Her eyes swelled shut and her asthma would kick in. Dust bothered her too.

Finally, she staiied seeing a traditional allergy specialist. She started taking allergy injections every week. That lasted for three years. Not knowing what the root cause was, her mother wo11’ied every time she left home for camp or trips with all her medicine.
Seemingly, anything could trigger the symptoms.

She was fortunate to be home schooled. When she was in junior high, she became very tired. Every afternoon, she took a nap for three or four hours. It got to the point that she was always tired and never got enough sleep. She didn’t want to do anything with her friends. Her head hurt all the time. Her tonsils were swollen to twice their normal size. Her ears were blocked and sore. Her nose was either running or blocked all the time.
She was miserable.

It was at this point in her life that a kind friend told her about an alternative holistic doctor in Green Bay. Her parents scheduled an appointment with the doctor.

For the first time in her life, someone explored the possibility that a hormone imbalance might be the cause for some of her problems. She was finally tested for food allergies. Many of her problems were shown to be caused by them. She learned that the antibiotics killed off many of the good bacteria in her system, leaving the enemy bacteria to take over her body.

Ten months later, that little girl breathes through her nose almost all the time. Her tonsils are n01mal sized, and she has no more side aches. She rarely gets an earache or a headache. She has energy and vitality. The bags under her eyes are noticeably diminished. She is a different person. She has gained control over her health. I know. I am that little girl.

I am much better since I have been seeing Dr. Kadile. I know there is something I can do about my health, and I understand why I do what I do. I have been taught how to eat whole foods that properly nourish my body.

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