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doctor with various medical icons floating in from of him

The Benefits of Integrative Medicine

The Benefits of Integrative Medicine Integrative medicine combines Western medicine and alternative therapies to focus on the whole person to promote healing and good health. Combining therapies offers more avenues for physicians to identify the best treatment options for various illnesses. Integrative medicine acknowledges the value of patient and practitioner relationship in improving the patient’s…

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patient karina success story

A KadileAtric Power Principle® Success Story — Karina

A KadileAtric Power Principle® Success Story — Karina We love it when a patient experiences success with our program and they can’t wait to share the good news. Having so many failed attempts or bad experiences with traditional medical providers, they get discouraged. When they have success with the KadileAtric Power Principle®, they’re so grateful…

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Doctor's Stethoscope

The Factors That Cause Osteoporosis

The Factors That Cause Osteoporosis We want you to understand the factors that cause osteoporosis. The KadileAtric Power Principle®, wants to educate you about the conditions that affect your well-being. Several factors contribute to an osteoporotic condition. We’ll learn more about those factors here as well as identify the major cause of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs…

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woman who has lost weight and showing the space in her old jeans around her hips

Share Your Experience

Share Your Experience My journey to form my practice began as a search to find alternative and holistic medicine to save my children and father. Powered by the search to save my family, I decided to focus my practice on alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine. KadileAtric Power Principle® begins with looking for the cause of…

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IV bag

Chelation Therapy 101

Chelation Therapy 101 There are several reasons why The KadileAtric Power PrincipleⓇ works. One is that we don’t just treat symptoms and send you on your way, we look for the causes of your symptoms and treat those. Another reason is that we are not in cahoots with Big Pharma; when we don’t focus on…

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team member angel

Team Member Spotlight: Angel

Thanks to our dedicated team members, The KadileAtric Power PrincipleⓇ runs like a well-oiled machine. One of our favorite contributing members is Angel, our phlebotomist and clinical staff member. Since 2009, Angel has worked closely with Dr. Kadile to change the lives of countless patients. Angel decided to enter the medical field because she wanted…

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champagne cork

Avoid the Temptations of the Bottle!

This time of year, it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the celebrations and allow yourself to indulge a bit. I understand how difficult it may be when you’re surrounded by people who are enjoying sugars and other carbohydrates, processed foods, and copious cocktails. The problem with alcohol is two-fold: it causes…

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woman with an apple

The Benefits of Weight Loss

More often than not, the reason people decide to lose weight is to look better. Losing weight for any reason is great if you’re packing extra pounds, but the problem comes when we think in absolutes: “Why bother? I’ll never look like … ” Even if you can’t immediately have a six-pack to rival Dwayne…

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woman tempted to eat pumpkin pie

Stay Healthy Over The Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is already here. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying summer vacation, and now time-treasured family Thanksgiving recipes are being unearthed, holiday cards are being thoughtfully penned, and New Year’s Eve plans are being made. The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved…

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The Effects of Sugar on Your Body

October ushers in the holiday season with Halloween. It is usually at this time that we begin to relax our diets and indulge in more treats; we can hide the harmful effects with bulky sweaters, right? Maybe, but weight gain isn’t the only ill-effect of sugar consumption. There are many ways that added sugar affects…

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woman sleeping at desk

Tired Of Fatigue?

Picture this: You work a ten-hour day without lunch (only coffee to keep your body fueled), you leave work and head directly to your daughter’s softball game; from there you run through a fast food drive-through to purchase a dinner for your family that will likely be eaten while standing at the kitchen counter. When…

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man on large scale

The Importance of Weighing Yourself EVERY DAY!

At KadileAtric Power Principle®, we have spent years studying the science of weight loss, and one of the things we firmly believe is that our patients must weigh themselves daily. We understand that the scale may seem like your nemesis when you first begin your battle against obesity, but there are many reasons that you…

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marker board of weight loss info

A.k.a. Detective Kadile

I like to think that if I hadn’t become a doctor, I would have become a detective. I investigate the physiological, psychological, social, and environmental causes that play a factor in your obesity. I search out clues about why you can’t lose the weight. What isn’t working optimally or imbalanced within your body? I’ll ask…

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compass with health concerns instead of directions

New Year, Healthier You

With the beginning of the New Year here, it’s a perfect time to think about the changes you want in your own life. The thought of change can bring on a number of emotions as well. There’s the excitement about starting something new, but it can also be daunting and intimidating. All of these responses…

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woman sitting at a coffee table

Sweater Weather

As colder temperatures arrive, the desire to eat comfort foods increase. Meat and potatoes or cream-based soups just make you feel warmer, cozier. It’s an understanding temptation, but one that could derail your weight loss goals. Not only are these comfort foods laden with calories, many times they contain common allergen ingredients. However, many people…

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Doctor Kadile

My Journey to Alternate Medicine

“Dr. Kadile looked at me and said things about my health that he could not possibly know. I didn’t fill out a questionnaire or anything like that,” says Rich Johnson. “My wife loved the fact that he could tell right away that I had serious thyroid problems.” Johnson lost 160 pounds using the KadileAtric Power…

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heart shaped bowl of fruit

Nature’s Dessert

We all know refined and processed sugar is not a healthy option but, man, is it addictive. Breaking the habit of reaching for a sweet treat can be one of the hardest ones to realign — but it’s worth it. Processed and refined sugar can have detrimental effects on the body. The liver stores excess…

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Healthy Heart, Healthy Self

So often, what motivates us to lose weight is external: how people look at us, how clothing looks on us, and how we look at ourselves in the mirror. While the extrinsic motivation is valid, it’s what’s happening inside that should truly motivate us. Whatever the cause, obesity can lead to heart disease, which remains…

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