One of the reasons we believe in the KadileAtric Power Principle® is because we have seen it work, time and time again. These stories are from real patients who have had phenomenal success with the program. They have lost weight, regained their health, and reclaimed their lives. You may find someone just like you among our success stories. Keep in mind, results vary from patient to patient, so while we are confident that you will be successful in your journey to combat obesity, you may experience different results from those of our previous patients.

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Patient Testimonials

A little over a year ago, a patient walked into the dental office where I work, but he didn’t look anything like the picture on my computer. He said he’d lost over 100 lbs. with the help of a local doctor. He enlightened me about what it takes to lose weight, and it all made perfect sense. I went home and did some looking online and eventually called to make an appointment for a free screening at the office of Dr. Eleazar Kadile.

At first I was just going to see what the program was all about. My husband was the one who said I needed to do it. Thanks to the loving support of my husband, and Dr. Kadile’s amazing program, I’ve dropped 61 pounds of unsightly fat. I am thrilled, and I will never look back! I hope reading this article will inspire you the way that dental patient’s story inspired me.

Who is that woman in the mirror?

For me, gaining weight was a gradual process. Life got busy when I was raising my kids. They became the priority and I lost focus of who I was and stopped taking care of myself. Then one day the kids moved out and I found myself wondering, who is that woman in the mirror?

I had little energy during the day and was often caught short of breath. I had a poor memory, felt bloated all the time, and was on drugs for high cholesterol. The biggest issue I had, though, was my knees, which were always hurting. I’d blamed it on an old softball injury and getting older.

But who was I kidding? I’d had a weight problem my whole life. I’d been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers since the sixth grade. I’ve done Nutri-System, exercise tapes, sprinkling this or that on my food. It would be a shorter list to say what I haven’t tried.

Dr. Kadile’s program is the only one that has given me sustainable results. Now I can run up and down the stairs at work a dozen times without thinking about it. I no longer have to grab the handrail and haul myself up. I have plenty of energy and my relationship with my husband is becoming more amazing every day. The veil has been lifted and I can look in the mirror and say okay, there you are again. I’m back and it feels good.

I was skeptical

Despite all the evidence, I wasn’t convinced at first that the KadileAtric Power Principle would work/or me. But it didn’t take long for my skepticism to vanish. Dr. Kadile is one of a kind. He was the first doctor to take the time to look at me as a whole person. He uncovered and treated health issues I never knew I had such as adrenal fatigue, hormone dysregulation, and vitamin deficiency. Once these were balanced and corrected, losing the weight I’d struggled with all my life was suddenly no problem.
Dr. Kadile helps me stay focused on what is important and on my commitment to eating correctly, exercise, and my supplements. He has helped me realize that commitment is the bottom line to life in general. The staff at Dr. Kadile’s office is amazing and I have learned so much. Everyone worked together to help me figure out how to put it all together.

So worth it!

Like anything else, I had to overcome some challenges to succeed. For example, Dr. Kadile’s office is an hour and forty-five minute drive from my home, but that drive was so worth it.

Today my body is in balance and I feel fabulous. I’ve been able to stop taking cholesterol medication because I don’t need it.
For years I’d avoided pictures. We always take big family vacations, but you would never have known I was there. This year there are tons of pictures of me and I can see how much fun I had.

For the first time I’m enjoying shopping for clothes. I was in such a habit of heading straight for the plus side of the store that my friend had to remind me that those clothes are too big now. After a lifetime of weight problems, it’s been such fun to see myself in small sizes.

I’m still on my journey and everything I’m doing is part of that journey. I would still like to lose another 25 pounds, but thanks to Dr. Kadile, I’m well on my way.

I love to talk with others about how I’ve succeeded with the KadileAtric Power Principle. I tell them that the time and effort I put into it was so worthwhile. Yes, I’ve had setbacks, but I’ve always gotten right back on track.

Right now, I’m making me a priority. If someone were to ask me about the program, I would tell them how amazing and wonderful it is see the real you every time you look in a mirror. Thank you, Dr. Kadile!

I chose the KadileAtric Power Principle because my chiropractor recommended it. She had participated in the program and I saw an amazing transformation in her. I started by attending the free consultation and I got excited by what I heard. I committed to the program, dropped 73 lbs. and couldn’t be happier. Here’s how it all happened …

At the consultation, I became immediately interested in the KadileAtric Power Principle because it was a natural way to lose weight. I didn’t want to take a diet pill or eat a bunch of processed diet food and always be wondering exactly what I was putting in my body.

Sick, Fat and Tired

Before seeing Dr. Kadile, feeling sluggish, fatigued and gross all the time had become my norm. I had high cholesterol, along with every ache and pain that comes from being overweight. My joints ached and my knees were horrible.

My parents own a farmer’s market so I would work there during the day and then waitress at night. Because of the hours, I was never able to eat a real meal until late at night. Coffee served as breakfast, and instead of lunch, I’d snack all through the day. I had sugar cravings all the time, so sweets were my snack of choice. Then I would eat large meals late at night. None of it was good.

I had tried to lose weight before. I took diet pills. I did Weight Watchers for a while. Any time I’d lose a few pounds, I’d gain twice as much back. Dr. Kadile’s approach was totally different. He first uncovered the causes of my weight problem and got my body back in balance. He found that I had digestive dysfunction, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, a low functioning thyroid and adrenal fatigue. After these issues were corrected, supplemented and balanced, and my health was regained, losing weight was easy.

Now It Gets Exciting!

Since I’d been overweight most of my life and had never successfully lost weight before, imagine how excited I was to see weight loss right from the start and to so easily drop weight with no cravings. I never was hungry; in fact, I never really noticed I was eating a reduced calorie diet, yet I would get on the scale and see more weight lost.

By losing weight with Dr. Kadile, I learned to make better choices naturally. I enjoy everything I eat, but I look at food differently. I’m conscious of what I put in my body because I choose to be. I find it easier to control what I eat and I also keep track of how foods are prepared. The KadileAtric Power Principle has completely changed the way I look at food, my body and my life.

My New Life

I feel like I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have much time to shop, but when I do, I enjoy it far more. I have more confidence and feel better about myself now. I used to hide from people, but not anymore!

My family and friends are very proud of me. I get lots of compliments and I have helped them make some changes in their diets just because I’m careful of what I put in my body. My knees feel like they never had a problem at all and I’m no longer aching when I wake up in the morning, but the biggest benefit I got from the KadileAtric Power Principle is how it helped me change the way I feel about myself. I feel confident that this time I’ll keep the weight I’m losing off for good. My future looks very bright right now and I owe it all to Dr. Kadile.

If you’re thinking of seeing Dr. Kadile, I would tell you that it’s a life changer. If you’re ready to change your life and get healthy … if you’re willing to stick to the program, you’ll be very happy with the results. I know I am!

I’m married and I have two children and two grandchildren, aged four and two months. I found Dr. Kadile through my cousin, Kari. She was talking about him on Facebook and I wanted to know what she had done to finally attain her weight loss goal. I’d struggled with weight and bad health for years and her success gave me hope. Now, thanks to Kari and Dr. Kadile, I’m 62 lbs. lighter and I couldn’t be happier. This is my story. It is true and factual.

Fatigue, Pain, Misery

I could not lose weight for the life of me. I had joined a gym, I was walking three or four miles a day, I would try to cut back on my own, but It never worked. I could literally look at food and gain weight. If I ate something like pizza, I would blow up like a balloon.

I had also suffered from fibromyalgia. I started having symptoms after I fell down a flight of steps in 1993. I had been suffering for 22 years from insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I had dally migraines for a very long time. It was constant, all day every day. I took lots of prescriptions and pain meds and then meds for all the prescriptions I was on. It was a downward spiral because with each new medication there were new side effects.

When your life is like that, you don’t go anywhere. You don’t do parties or outdoor events. You say no to taking care of grandchildren because it’s too hard for you. Your life Is so limited. Even going to the grocery store is limited. Every activity is a chore. I suffered from depression and anxiety. I was on eleven different medications … mostly painkillers.

Six Weeks … Everything Changed

When I started with Dr. Kadile, I was 192 pounds. Now I’m a slender 130, it feels amazing to get on the scale. I Just recently had to buy a new dress and I looked great In everything I tried on. What a thrill!
But that’s only the beginning!

When I started with Dr. Kadile, I was expecting to lose weight, but what I hadn’t expected was to lose my fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and other chronic health problems. I’d had my list of nine symptoms that I knew all too well – migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation and ringing in my ears.

Dr. Kadile got to the root causes of my health problem. He discovered that I had a yeast overgrowth as well as several food allergies that I never knew I had. I also found out my thyroid and adrenal glands were off and my heart was in bad shape. If I hadn’t come to see Dr. Kadile, I wouldn’t have been around much longer. The stress on my heart was extremely high and I’d had no idea.

Within six weeks of being on Dr. Kadile’s program, every single symptom was gone!
The KadileAtric Power Principle turned out to be far easier than I expected. I was easy to be diligent with my program because it was working.

In just a few months’ time I was able to drop 62 pounds and reversed all of my health problems. I can’t describe how much better that feels than taking handfuls of pills to cover up my symptoms.

I’ve now broken my addiction to sugar and foods with yeast In them. My taste buds have changed so that those foods no longer taste good and I no longer crave them.

Thanks to Dr. Kadile, I’m now only taking one medication. I feel perfect, like I’m in my 20s. I often surpass the energy level of my 25-year old daughter. I’ll take care of her two little ones and still have the energy to go running In the evening. I thoroughly enjoy being able to run now. I can run four or five miles. I’ve always dreamed of being able to run a marathon, and thanks to the KadileAtric Power Principle, that dream will be fulfilled.

I know that by seeing Dr. Kadile, as opposed to other doctors, I’ve learned what’s going on in my body. I’ve learned how to keep my body healthy, and that’s why I’ll keep my weight off for life. I owe it all to Dr. Kadile.